S.H.Figuarts Luigi Arrives On The Scene


S.H.Figuarts Mario and his playsets were certainly a smashing success for Bandai, so it’s no surprise that they will be expanding the line. Of course it’s Luigi who is up next, which we found out about only a short while ago. Unsurprisingly, considering how fast I’m assuming Bandai wants to pump these out, he’s all painted and nearly ready for orders!

Thankfully he comes with different accessories from Mario… kind of. First off, the extra goodies will obviously be separate playsets like they were with Mario. Which I guess is nice if you want to build a giant display? Luigi comes with red pipes instead of green, a red shell (which everyone knows are vastly superior), a piranha plant, and buzzy beetle, along with the boxes and coins we got with Mario. I think these two will obviously be best in tandem, which I’m sure was Bandai’s nefarious plan all along. Orders will open soon!

[via Tamashii Nations]


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