Salivate Over This Detailed Shoot of GSC’s Goddess Madoka

There were a lot of amazing figures at Wonder Festival, but the clear show-stealer was Good Smile Company’s majestic 1/8 Goddess Madoka. Of course there’s been a ton of hype since then, most of it driven by tons of speculation from the community. She’s also gotten a few tweaks since she was first shown off, like the more elaborate bow we saw at NicoNico Kaigi. And we know from magazine scans that she’s a November release, which means that she should be painted in the near future. Mikatan confirms this, and says that we should be getting a look at her painted quite soon!

Of course she’s not done yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over a closer look at some of her details. The sculpting here is just amazing, with even the smallest aspect seemingly perfect. The only thing I have issue with is her pose: it looks a bit wonky from the side as her torso seems oddly contorted, and I still like how Grizzry Panda presented her better. But of course this is nitpicking, as this is really a fantastic figure and surely is going to be a popular one. She’s also going to be quite pricey: according to her Amazon Japan listing, the retail is a whopping ¥14,800. It seems steep, but given the detail I think she’s well worth it.

[via Mikatan]


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