SDCC 2011: AAA Anime Booth Overview

San Diego Comic Con isn’t all about comics and that was truly the case at AAA Anime’s booth, distributors of anime figures here in the U.S. from many companies like Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Orchid Seed, Alter, and other favorites. AAA Anime had quite a few different pieces on hand at their booth from a Black Rock Shooter universe shelf, to an entire shelf of Nendoroids, and even some vinyl figures from Funko. While there wasn’t anything new and exciting being shown off like the large Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon statues from Good Smile Company (which still have yet to be released, might I add), there was a section for people to play with a few figmas that were on hand, which was quite cool. I’m quite surprised that AAA Anime also didn’t bring along any of their Native figures as they are some of the most popular items that they import, but most likely they were deemed too risque for the shelves of an all ages convention. Be sure to hit the gallery below to see all of the items that were on hand that you can pick up at your local anime shop or favorite online retailer in the U.S. as there were quite a few cool things on hand that you may have forgotten about!


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