SDCC 2011: Gary Ham’s Art and the Wooper Looper

You know what my favorite Pokemon in the whole wide world is? Wooper. That’s right, the weird little axolotl. I’m always on the hunt for figures of the little guy, but it seems like there are only small, cheap plastic ones. Well, to my surprise, it seems like that is about to change! Gary Ham had a prototype of his new Wooper Looper figure on display at SDCC, and let me tell you, it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

The sculpt was done by Chauskoskis, who is always fantastic, but he really pulled out all the stops on this figure. The detail is fantastic, and numerous colorways have already been hinted at as they want to produce in soft vinyl! I hope the first is blue (as it should be!) but I’d honestly like to see this in almost any color. Especially pink. Hot pink. With GID gills.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is actually based on Wooper the Pokemon, since it seems like it’s a common monster name in video games. But in my heart, he will always be a bitchin’ version of my favorite little dude. Hit the jump to check him out, with a few bonus pictures of the rest of Gary Ham and Scott Tolleson’s figures that were on display at San Diego Comic Con such as custom Androids, custom Munnys, and some cute new plushes for later in the year.

Quick Update: I’ve been informed by Gary himself that Wooper Looper is just a common pet name for the axolotl, and thus he has no connection to the Pokemon. You’re crushing my dreams! Well, I guess this means I need a custom colorway…


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