SDCC 2013: Kotobukiya’s Chun-Li & Jun Kazama Bishoujos


Kotobukiya always brings a few new Bishoujos to San Diego Comic Con–it’s pretty much a guarantee, and it looks like this time they are going all out on the game line! They’ve got two new girls, along with a vague outline for Street Fighter Bishoujo Cammy who was announced a very long time ago.

In the sculpt department we’ve got the recently announced Jun Kazama, whose simpler pose came out surprisingly nicely. She looks so elegant! Then we have Chun-Li, whose art just got a reveal so I am surprised we are seeing her sculpted this quickly. She looks good, though I am still not a big fan of the pose. She also looks BIG, huge next to the girls she is displayed next to!

[via Harada & Sideshow Collectors]


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