SDCC 2014: Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy Play-Arts Kai


You know, Square-Enix is always pumping out a ton of Final Fantasy merchandise but it always seems to be from VII, X, IV, VI, or that random fighting one. Never from my precious baby because people don’t like it and they have terrible taste while I sob in the corner over no Fran merchandise. But finally dark days are over. I’ve been waiting for this moment, and it is HERE. JUST LOOK. FRAN PLAY-ARTS. I’M GONNA DIE HAPPY.

And there was some other stuff too like Cloud, Tifa, Red XIII, and Barret or whatever. I mean, Red XIII is my home(liondog) and it’s cool to see Barret getting some representation but WHATEVER FRAN I’M JUST GONNA DANCE AROUND MY APARTMENT ALL DAY

[via Jeff Saylor]


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