SDCC 2016: Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo Spider Gwen Gallery


Spider Gwen is one of Marvel’s most currently popular characters, so of course she’s taking the figure world by storm. Kotobukiya alone is doing both an ArtFX+ and a Bishoujo version of her! Of course my heart lies with the Bishoujo line so that’s what I am personally most excited for.

Her unmasked version was out and about at SDCC, looking as cute as ever. I do prefer the mask on (just because the hood lining is so striking) but I love the more cutesy, girlie pose and style they went with for her. She’s going to look adorable with the other young Marvel heroines like Squirrel Girl!

[Photos courtesy of our SDCC correspondent, Chris Hansbrough of Nine Twilights]


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