SDCC 2016: Suicide Squad Nendoroids


Sometimes I know that a figure is coming but I pray and pray that my predictions aren’t right. I mean, we all knew there would be tons of Suicide Squad merch but I don’t want any of it. Heath Ledger Joker Nendo? Creepy, adorable perfection. But I’d be really, really happy if I never had to look at Leto Joker (and stupid SS Harley) again. I just have a lot of rage in my heart about this movie okay. A lot of rage.

Anyway, the Nendoroid is as spine-tinglingly creepy as I imagined it would be! I mean holy shit it’s pretty frightening. The header pic is staring right into my soul. Harley, on the other hand? So cute. I… I actually love her. And it’s really hard for me to admit that but her lil smirk and the amazing faded hair? Ugh. Killing me.

[via gsc_enon’s Twitter]


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