SDCC 2017: Evil Dead & Hellraiser Bishoujos

We already knew that we would be getting a Bishoujo of Ash from Evil Dead 2 at San Diego Comic Con, and now it’s time for the full reveal! She is, of course, in a rather sassy pose with a very smug face. And she comes with a CHAINSAW. Bishoujo chainsaw, dreams really do come true.

But that’s not all the news we have for you! Oh no, something I have been joking about since the inception of the Horror Bishoujo line is happening. We’re getting Pinhead in Bishoujo form! From Hellraiser III. Why are both of these from sequel movies? Was it a licensing decision? Do I care because we’re getting some goddamn Clive Barker Bishoujos? Oh happy day.

[via Kotobukiya JP]


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