Shunya Yamashita Illustrates The Entire Tekken Cast

Shunya Yamashita has been doing illustrations for Kotobukiya’s Tekken Bishoujo line for a while, starting with Christie (review), then Alisa and Asuka, and more recently Jaycee & Lili. It seems like this project extends beyond the figure-world though, with Shunya taking on (basically) the whole Tekken cast! Including, yes, the animal fighters. Amazing, right?

We already know that they are doing a Tekken Bishonen line (along with Xiaoyu), so pretty much any of these illustrations could potentially be made into figures. And man, is there a lot to chose from! So which of these would you like to see made next? Check them all out in the gallery and let us know in the comments!

[via Fighter’s Generation, thanks to Stuart Campbell for the tip!]


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