Shunya Yamashita Reveals the Kotobukiya Freddy and Jason Bishoujo Art


Well, this is an odd situation, indeed. This art wasn’t supposed to be revealed until New York Toy Fair a week from now, but I guess due to unforeseen circumstances we’re getting it a bit early. A few days ago at a Toy Fair in Europe, someone took a picture and leaked this artwork, but, as it was a leak we refrained from posting it. Now, though, as Wonder Festival was occurring, Shunya Yamashita snuck this artwork up to his twitter, presumably as an early release due to the leaks, which Kotobukiya was most certainly aware of.

Anyway, onto the artwork itself. Back at New York Comic Con we had the reveal that Freddy and Jason would be making their transition to the bishoujo line and on Halloween a few days later we had the outlines of the artwork. Now that we get to see the whole thing, I’m in love with both. I love Jason’s attitude, axe, and face peeking out from behind the trademark hockey mask, and Freddy’s shirt somehow became sexy, the hat is awesome, and her hand is even more amazing. I know that unlike practically everyone else I’m most certainly sold on these because they mix the source material and the bishoujo lines perfectly, but what do you think about this odd collaboration? Let us know in the comments!

[via Shunya Yamashita’s Twitter]


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