Sonico Gets Her Hestia Cosplay On In Her Newest Figure

I’m sure you all remember the Sonico x Hestia figure from a few months back because, well, it’s really weird. I mean, no weirder than any other Sonico figure, but still. On a scale of one to ten in “why is this happening,” this is a solid 7.5. I mean, I’m into it. But why is it happening?

She is finally colored, and is it just me or is the paint a little off? Like the colors seems hyper-saturated and unnatural. Then again, I think it’s probably just the camera filter used. Man, that boob ribbon looks super uncomfortable. It’s bad enough on Hestia, but on our busty girl Sonico? Get her out of that!! Also, that pose must be hell to hold. She’s got some sturdy thigh muscles.

[via t_santa’s Twitter]


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