Spike Spiegel And Lelouch Join The SmartDoll Lineup


Volks has recently hopped on the male Dollfie train, though let’s be honest: their first offering looked pretty much identical to their girl dolls. I’ve been dreaming of a true anime-style male doll for years and it seems like my dreams might finally be coming true–but not because of Volks. Danny Choo’s beautiful SmartDoll lineup will be adding a few boys to the mix, and he’s got some exciting licenses in the lineup.

First off we have Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel, who has yet to be revealed… but based on the blurry photo, he is 100% complete! Who would have ever thought we’d have a Spike doll? Times are changing. Then there’s Lelouch from Code Geass, who I am insanely excited for since he’s my favorite male anime character (well, him and the cat teacher from Princess Tutu, but we all know he’s not getting a doll). There are also some very heavy hints that Suzaku might be joining him too…

[via Danny Choo]


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