Starfire Joins Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujos


Welp… we knew this day would come eventually. Starfire is far from a main character in the DC universe but she’s quite popular and given her outfit (or lack of one) she kind of seems perfect for the Bishoujo line. Fans have been clamoring for her to join the lineup since it first started, and they’ve finally got their wish. But sadly this is definitely New 52 Starfire–all fanservice, no character.

I mean, come on, even for Shunya this is totally tasteless. She’s straddling a meteor. The pose is just… wow. And the outfit. We can see enough of her boobs, she doesn’t need to squish them together. It’s a shame, because there are some aspects I really like: her hair is gorgeous, and the purple and orange color combo is to die for. But this is one Bish I am not looking forward to.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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