Start Your Engines For Good Smile Company’s Racing Miku 2013


Ugh. Racing Miku. Unlike Snow Miku, the designs over the years for Racing Miku have stayed pretty much the same. While we got some nice variety from 2010 Miku (review), 2011 and 2012 were pretty damn similar. Sure, one had a crown and one looked more grown up, which was enough for me to order both. And then… Good Smile decided to make a grown up looking Racing Miku with a crown. Because that’s totally new and different, right!?

This version popped up painted a short while ago, so I was expecting a preview and here it is. Sadly, she looks even less appetizing than I originally thought she would. Maybe because of how damn creepy her face is? I don’t know why, but it does NOT look like a figure face at all. More like some weird projection of a Project Diva expression onto plastic. Uncanny Valley like woah. Plus we get Kahotan straying into Mikatan levels of creep, with wonderful lines like “Those smooth armpits and her belly button… Why is it that we get so exited seeing these areas we don’t normally get to see?!” Ugh please stop forever.

Racing Miku 2013 is going up for order tonight, and since Stephen is a Miku addict she’ll probably end up in our collection even though right now I want to shove this figure out the window. Seriously, the face. It’s freaking me out. Also, GSC, can you please make a figure of this amazing Racing Miku design? You need to spice things up a little.

[via Kahotan’s Blog]


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