Street Fighter Bishoujo Juri Gets A Full Preview


So, about a week ago we got a peek at Bishoujo Juri’s promotional shots. And as I suspected, we’re getting the full reveal only a few weeks later! We’ve seen a lot of Juri recently, but given that she’s from the Game Bishoujo line that’s not really a huge surprise. Whereas the Marvel and DC Bish lines have pretty devoted fans, it seems like the game & movie ones are being pushed to a different & wider audience.

I’m kind of surprised Juri has leggings on under her, uh, harem… chaps? but indeed they were in the original art! For some reason I was expecting a semi-bare butt. You know, with it being Shunya and all. But I love the pop of pink they give! I think I’m just overly-excited about a pink-themed Bishoujo. There really aren’t enough pink superheroines.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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