Summer Wonder Festival 2012: FREEing

FREEing’s big announcements at Wonder Festival were their Fate/Stay Night line and the sculpt for their 1/4 scale Soniko. They had some other figures on hand as well of course, including their 1/4 scale bunny Nanoha trio and an impressive grown-up Nanoha based on her Force design. The surprise was their Bastard!! figures: Arshes Nei, Shiin-Hari, and Kai Harn in some very risque poses. I really love my Orchid Seed Arshes (NSFW review) so I might have to pick this set up if they come out well! Apparently they are also producing the Racing Miku 2012 figure as well, whose sculpt has leaked but since the images were marked DNF you’ll have to hunt them down yourself!

[via GSC_GUMA & HMV_Anime]


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