Summer Wonder Festival 2013: Kotobukiya


Kotobukiya stuffed us full of so many teasers very few of the figures in this post are going to come as a surprise. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome! Especially Dark Angel Olivia, uhnf. We’ve also got Colette Brunel, Shiki Ryougi, Sumika Kagami, the bunny version of Kasumi Yashiro and Tomo Asama. We’ve shown you the rest already: their ArtFX J line, the Tony Taka reveals, and the Bakemonogatari girls.

Of course we have some announcements! It seems they have (at least for the moment) stopped their Angelic Island line and are moving on to the hot new idol property, Love Live! School Idol Project. They’ll be doing swimsuit figures of Umi Sonada, Kotori Minami and Honoka Kousaka who are all pretty cute. Now… for the big announcement: ArtFX J Attack on Titan! Yes, that means BOYS BOYS BOYS YEAAH. Eren Jaegar and Levi, to be more specific. That should help balance out all the Mikasa merch!

[via AmiAmi’s Facebook]



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