Summer Wonder Festival 2013: Kotobukiya’s Tony Taka Lineup


None of Kotobukiya’s teasers (which there were MANY of) even hinted at a new Tony Taka girl, whch I found mildly perplexing. I mean, half their figures are from him. Haha not really, but back in like 2008 that was totally true. And they still put out a ton of Shining World girls! So where were they?! I’m a Tony addict, I need my fix.

Well never fear, we’ve got four! Kind of. One new sculpt, of Aerie who is SO CUTE, and three… uh, outlines. Well, the new Maxima/Sakuya is visible art (and holy crap that outfit love ittt), while Kilmaria Aideen from Shining Ark and Roselinde from Shining Blade are just silhouettes. Yayy armored girls!

[via AmiAmi’s Facebook]


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