Summer WonFest 2014: Fate/Stay Night


We’ve seen some Fate/Stay Night goodies already, like Sakura Saber, Koto’s Swimsuit Saber, and Good Smile’s brand new Saber Bride. But there’s more! Always more. We have for you two Nendoroid announcements: Archer and Rider! Along with lots of other stuff from GSC & co. GSC is doing BB from Fate/Extra (the girl to the far left who looks just like Sakura) and behind her is a fully armored Mordred. Fancy!

Then there’s Phat! Company’s Jack the Ripper, who is finally painted, along with their second Illya. There’s also a lovely Saber in a dress by Wing. And we do have one non-GSC figure… an Archer from Alter!

[UPDATE] Added Aquamarine’s Saber of the Red!

[via whl4u & Figure/gk]


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