Summer WonFest 2014: FREEing


As usual FREEing’s display was pretty much yukata girls and big bunny figures all the way down. We’ve seen the IM@S yukata offerings, but of course there were more! Kirino & Kuroneko from OreImo, along with Misaka Mikoto & Kuroko Shirai. We also have an update on the Madoka line! Mami is painted, and Kyoko and Sayaka are sculpted.

Now, the bunnies. If you’d always wanted a slithering Elder Chaos in a bunny outfit, you are in luck because Nyaruko is getting one of their 1/4 scale variants. So is Origa from Hyakki Yakou who looks STUNNING. Finally, the last Infinite Stratos animal girl is finished: Houki, who seems to be a fox!

[UPDATE] The Freezing 1/4 scale girls are painted!

[via whl4u & GSC Facebook]


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