Summer WonFest 2014: Max Factory’s Motoko Kusanagi Figma Arise ver.


Well, this is a great time for me as a figure fan. Many of my favorite shows from the 90s and 00s are finally receiving the figure treatment they deserve and it’s amazing. Earlier in the year we showed you the Stand Alone Complex version figma of Motoko Kusanagi in depth and now, we’re getting her new Arise version as well! I haven’t gotten around to watching Arise yet, but it’s on my very ridiculously long list of shows to sit down and see. That being said, I’m incredibly excited for this figma. It’s really cool to see her different, younger version, and while many don’t like it, I’ve been a fan for a while. Now when will Batou get some love?

[via gsc_kahotan’s Twitter]


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