Summer WonFest 2015: Max Factory


Max Factory usually has a lot to show, but this year they really went all out with a ton of figures. Like, there are so many and I want all of them. Including not one, not two, but THREE new Mikus. And they’re all gorgeous. Plus their Rin & Len are finally sculpted! We also have, of course, some KanColle girls. Atago of course, Harbor Princess is sculpted (looooove), Z1, and a we’ll be getting a figFIX of Yukikaze.

Some of the older figures, like Sorceress and Charlotte, are painted. And there’s a sculpt for Ramlethal, surprisingly! Along with Isuzu in her pirate outfit. New announcements? We got em! There’s a brand new Sonico AND the world’s most gorgeous Ranko who I need right now. We are getting two figures from Top o Nerae 2!, Top o Nerae!: Lal’C Mellk Mal, who is sculpted, and Nono who is just an announcement. We will also be getting more 7th Dragon figures, and the To LOVEru wedding line continues with Nana. Plus there’s Hestia, but we already saw her.

[via GSC & fig/GK]


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