Summer WonFest 2015: Nendoroids


Like always, there were way too many Nendoroids at Wonder Festival. There are just so many now, it’s overwhelming. But we already looked at some of the more important ones: Hestia, the Nintendo ones, MegaMan, One Punch Man, the Orange Rouge boys, and Joker. But oh man are there a lot more. So let’s just dive right in!

We’ve got some movie based Nendos, like Anna from Frozen and a few more Avengers (Captain America and Iron Man–again). Tons of KanColle too: Shoukaku, Akashi, Akitsushima, Katori, Taihou, Zuikaku, Fubuki, and Ooyodo. Touhou Nendos are coming back with the Komeiji sisters. Plus, Vocaloid Kasane is sculpted. What else? We’ve got Nipako, more Cinderella Girls (Nao Kamiya and Karen Hojo), Alice Cartelet, boy outfits in the Wedding line, and SO MANY MORE. Check them all out after the jump!

[UPDATE] It seems like GSC decided to sneak in their new Solid Snake Nendoroid as well. !

[via GSC & Akibahobby]


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