Summer WonFest 2016: Aquamarine


Aquamarine, a company that I usually overlook, has really been going out of their way to impress recently and their lineup at this Wonder Festival was no exception. First off, my beautiful DAN waifu Rise is painted (I LOVE HER) and we also have a Persona 5 announcement. Their Guilty Gear Elphelt Valentine is painted, and they’ve also announced Jack-O’ Valentine and Jam Kuradoberi. They’ve also got a cat-girl Illya that’s slightly less creepy than Broccoli’s, Strike Witches, and lots more sculpts.

Really, they were all about the announcements this year. We’ve got 4 Girls und Panzer figures, Lala Manaka, Hikari Kohinata from Amanchu!, Saber Extra, Saber Lily, Galko-chan, Tenshi from Angel Beats, Mai Kawakami from Musaigen no Phantom World, and two Kiniro Mosaic figures. For once, I am really looking forward to some Aquamarine figures!

[via AmiAmi]



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