Summer WonFest 2016: Flare


Flare is a company with a ton of potential: they make beautiful figures with some unique concepts. But their prices are so fucking high, like old Yamato, that I always kind of shy away from them. Their WonFest lineup is going to make that pretty hard, though. They had some beautiful sculpts out: the dynamic Samurai from 7th Dragon, the super-cute Noah, Halloween Caster, the gorgeous Houkago no Pleiades duo, and the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm catgirls.

Then there are so many announcements! Some of them, like the naked Gwendolyn, are a little weird. But then we have Saber Bride, 2 Tony Taka girls, Jeanne d’Arc, Akari from Aria, Oswald from Odin Sphere, and Taiga Kougami from King of Prism.

[via figsoku]


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