Summer WonFest 2016: Kotobukiya


We have seen two of Kotobukiya’s most exciting Wonder Festival announcements (new Pokemon and Cowboy Bebop), but I don’t think anything could prepare me for the exciting boy-figure-flood that was about to happen. Not only did they have Spike on display and their sculpted Atem, but we’re getting a brand new Lelouch from Code Black!! Thank you figure Jesus. We are blessed this day.

And that’s not all (obviously)! So much new stuff, like an adorable Madoka, High School Fleet figures, Type-Moon’s Heroine X, a bunny-tastic Airi Totoki, Sebastian Cu-Poche, and a sculpted Velvet Crowe. We also have a few announcements! They’ll be doing another Tony Taka butterfly sister (who looks suspiciously like Miku), Vira from Granblue Fantasy, and RyuuZU from Clockwork Planet.

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter]


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