Summer WonFest 2016: Street Fighter Bishoujo Ibuki


I recently bemoaned the lack of Bishoujo Ibuki at Kotobukiya’s SDCC both. Turns out that she was actually at Wonder Festival instead! I’m guessing she just got painted and they only had one prototype, so obviously it makes sense to keep her close to home.

This is a long-awaited figure for a lot of people, so let’s hope she lives up to their expectations! In some shots her face looks beautiful, but it’s a little odd from side angles. I think she’s definitely a figure you’ll need to display at a bit of an angle. I also wonder what that seam in the back of her pants is for–cast-off, maybe? There will also be a masked version of this figure exclusive to Kotobukiya’s online store (both in Japan and the US!).

[via moeyo]


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