Summer WonFest 2016: The Legend of Zelda Nendoroid and figmas


Since Good Smile Company and co have started producing Nintendo figures the favorite seems to be their Legend of Zelda Nendoroids and figmas so it’s no surprise that we’re getting some new additions. First up, and teased the other day, is a figma of Zelda herself finally! Following up the Wind Waker Nendoroid of her will be a Twilight Princess version in figma form that looks awesome! I love the amount of detail they packed into such a tiny form here. But we can’t forget about the hero himself, Link too! He’ll be joining Zelda also in his Twilight Princess outfit, which looks great compared to the older Skyward Sword one and really shows off just how far figmas have come. Last, but not least, is a Nendoroid of Link in his Breath of the Wild outfit that looks adorable in the art. It should be a great upcoming year for Zelda fans!

[via the Wonderful Hobby Life For You site]


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