Summer WonFest 2017: Amakuni

Every time I see an Amakuni figure I love, I die a little inside because they are all exclusives. Their booth this year is truly suffering because I want almost all of it. Guys, my heart. I’m dying.

Seven Heavenly Virtues Michael is finally painted, and soooo pretty, as are quite a few of their KanColle girls. We also have a sculpt for Iowa which has some pretty impressively floating boobs. Cause she’s ‘Murican and we love plastic surgery? They also have two of their Persona 5 girls, Futaba and Makoto, sculpted. One is my waifu and one is my least favorite girl, can you guess which is which? We also got a nice, detailed look at their Racing Miku 2017 who… I actually like more than the GSC one.

There were also some crazy surprises, like Jaden from Yu-Gi-Oh GX (the hell) and Mai from King of Fighters! Amakuni has really been killing it lately.

[via Hobby Japan]


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