Summer WonFest 2017: figmas

Every year I feel like figmas at Wonder Festival just kind of try to outdo the previous Wonder Festival’s weirdness and randomness and this year is no exception. While we’ve got our standards here like a new Racing Miku and a new Miku variation from V4X and the female main character from Pokemon Sun and Moon that we already showed you, Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, Nero from Fate/EXTELLA, Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kaban from Kemono Friends, a handful of new Kantai Collection additions, and some more Little Armory additions, the rest seem to be a bit all over the place. Between the Dark Souls III figma and Kasumi from Dead or Alive, we’ve got some great video game additions that are less expected. Then we’ve also got the amazing announcement of a Tony Taka’s PANDORA figma, which should be great!

Now in unexpected land we’ve got Arashi from Game Center Arashi, figma Kurogo, who just appears to be a random ninja, Goro Inogashira from Kodoku No Gurume, who just looks like a random middle aged Japanese guy in a suit, the wrestler Masahiro Chono, two figmas from Arms Note, and last, but not least, completely out of left field, a character from the 1977 movie Village of Eight Gravestones. Then the art line is being continued with Yuurei-zu and Nike and we’re also getting a figma of higma, the traditional bear carving. Check them all out in the gallery below!

[via the Wonderful Hobby Life For You site, masspromodel’s Twitter]


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