Summer WonFest 2017: Garage Kit Roundup

It’s that time again! Wonder Festival is only 2 days away, so we’re bringing you our annual roundup of some of the best garage kits that will be at the event. Because, as you probably know, Wonder Festival has way more gks than PVC figures but we can’t get our greedy little paws on them. Plus, if we did, we can’t paint. But, as always, if you can paint/will be at the event, all images are labeled with both the circle & character name.

The tides seem to be changing this WonFest. There’s very little of our usual standards, like Miku Hatsune or KanColle, and the new darling Re;Zero seems to have already fallen off. Instead we have a TON of Fate girls (both Grand Order and Extella), quite a bit of Persona 5 merchandise, and some truly stunning original characters. And more Adventure Time! Check them all out after the jump.

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