Summer WonFest 2017: GSC & Co x Miku Hatsune

Every year seems to be a big year for Miku Hatsune figures, but this year is extra-special because Good Smile Company is doing a bunch of 10th anniversary figures! That’s right, 10 years of Miku. Seems longer, right?

We will be getting a scale, Nendoroid, and figma of this special anniversary Miku. But that’s not all! We have more of the cute Nendoroid CODE outfits and a bunch of lovely scales. GSC will be doing a Harvest Moon Miku, and we have two from Max Factory: Vintage Dress and Winter Heroine, who is finally painted. Plus, as a weird bonus, Sonico cosplaying as this year’s Racing Miku! And there’s more racing where that came from: the cute bike Miku is getting a figma, and the scale of 2017 is finally painted. No Thai Racing Miku though, hmm? Maybe she’ll show up later.

[UPDATE] We have a few announcements from FREEing in the gallery! The wedding one looks super cute.

[via whl4u]


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