Summer WonFest 2017: Pokemon

It seems like every year we get more and more figures from Pokemon. It used to be one or two at each event if we were very lucky, and the quality was never that good. Truly we are living in the golden age. Like today, when both Kotobukiya and MegaHouse have their Lillies painted! Plus we have a new announcement from MegaHouse: Serena will be next up.

Not enough for you? Well Max Factory has a figma of Moon and GSC announced a Nendoroid of Suiren. That’s a lot of Sun & Moon.

[UPDATE] We are also getting a Moon figure from Koto!

[UPDATE 2] Added the Mewtwo & Rayquaza figures from X-PLUS via amiami

[via whl4u, girlshobby, and Kotobukiya]


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