Summer WonFest 2017: Pulchra

Pulchra is a company with great ideas but usually not-so-great execution. Aside from the header girl Marie Antoinette, who we already saw at Fate/History, none of their sculpts really stand out to me. Except for Isuzu Sento, but that is… not in a good way. What is happening with her chest. They actually remind me a lot of Griffon, especially with their penchant to put up cards with the sculpt on them instead of, you know, just bringing the figure.

They had a LOT of announcements this year. Rosehip from Girls und Panzer, Tooka Yatogami & Yoshino & Kurumi Tokisake & Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live, lots of To LOVEru girls, Ryoubi from Senran Kagura, and a reclining Emilia from Re;Zero.

[via figsoku]


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