Take A Closer Look At The Pokemon D-Arts Mewtwo

We were all thrilled at the announcement of D-Arts Mewtwo, and then we found out at Tamashii Nations that we’d be getting the 3rd evolution of the original 3 starters as well! Of course since Mewtwo was shown off first he’ll be the one we get to order soonest. We’re already getting preview shots, and he looks great! They managed to make the joints look unobtrusive and smooth, and while he obviously doesn’t come with extra faces he does have some cool effect parts and of course Mew!

He’ll retail for ¥3800 with a March release and thankfully will be a standard release! He’ll also have an awesome Pokeball base. Bandai is rather infamous for their exclusives, so I honestly don’t think all of the line will be standard. But hey, I’ll suffer for Pokemon!

[via Tamashii Nations]


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