Take A Ride With GSC’s Scaled Snow Miku Hatsune

I’ve always been surprised that Good Smile Company doesn’t do yearly scaled Snow Mikus the way they do with Racing Miku. It seems like easy cash: the designs are (usually) very nice, and us Miku fans go crazy for interesting scaled figures of her. But yet there are so few! Thankfully that is being fixed a little bit by Good Smile’s take on her.

This is such a unique, interesting figure: first off, she’s snowboarding, and do we have any other figures doing that? Probably, but none as cool and dynamic as this one. I’m just in love with how great she looks from every angle. Pre-orders should start soon, and she’ll have a November release date along with a ¥14,800 pricetag. Ouch!

[via Kahotan]


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