Take Over The World With Pokemon Nendoroid Giovanni

Do you guys remember all the crazy Pokemon fan theories that floated around about 10 years ago? You know, like Pikachu almost killed Ash the first time he zapped him and Ash has been in a coma every since, and the entire events of the show are his fever dream? Or my personal favorite: Giovanni is Ash’s dad. Because that would be a new and never-before-done twist!

Well now you can re-enact that dream with Nendoroid Giovanni! And, perhaps more excitingly, he comes with a freaking giant Mewtwo. Like, HUGE. Look at that guy. He’s perfect. I’m assuming that because of Mewtwo’s addition Giovanni does not have a ton of accessories, but he does have my new favorite alternate Nendoroid face and, of course, a pokeball to catch that darn Pikachu. And if you order through the Pokemon Center (where he will be listed in a few days), you get a Beast Ball! But orders through the Goodsmile Shop get an awesome Team Rocket base. Decisions! He retails for ¥5,000 and will come out in August.


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