Tamashii Features 3: S.H.MonsterArts Zeruel

While Evangelion is a smash-hit in the figure-world, many of its characters get left in the dust: most notably the male cast and the Angels. We did get a poseable Bardiel a while back and some moe-fied Angels several years ago, but other than that they seem to be neglected. However, things are changing: we’re getting a giant scaled Sachiel, and now Bandai is adding the Angels to their S.H.MonsterArts line! Zeruel is first up, and of course features the newer movie design. Sadly the MonsterArts line is significantly more expensive than Kaiyodo’s Revoltechs, which contains pretty much all of the Evas. I doubt anything could stop me from owning this bad boy though: Zeruel is definitely one of the coolest Angels! Let’s hope we get Sachiel next: I’d love to have him terrorize my figma girls.

[via Figure/GK]


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