Tamashii Nation 2011: Event Overview

Tamashii Nation, the event where Bandai shows off just how many figures they can make in a year, was held earlier this week. We brought you coverage of several pieces that were there: D-Arts Konohana Sakuya & Thanatos, the Chibi-Arts line, the Armor Girl Project, and Figuarts Zero from Code Geass and Macross Frontier. But of course there was more on display–a lot more!

Bandai showed off goods from all the shows you would expect: One Piece, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Bleach, Ruroni Kenshin, Dragonball Z. But there were also some surprise additions to the Figuarts Zero line like the heroine from Rine no Lagrange and two of the girls from Senran Kagura. Check them all out in the gallery!

[via Akibahobby]


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