Tamashii Nations 2011: D-Arts Konohana Sakuya & Thanatos

Hey Japan, thanks so much for having an event on Thanksgiving. You must know how much I love to write about figures on holidays! In between basting the turkey, I get to go “oh shit, look at all this cool stuff!” And as much as it pains me to work on a holiday, some of the things on display at Tamashii Nations was just too awesome to not post. Like Bandai’s D-Arts Persona line: Thanatos, who was teased previously, was shown off, and a new one was announced: Yukikio’s first Persona, Konohana Sakuya! This is actually my favorite of all of the Personas, and Thanatos is my second, so this is a pretty awesome day! Mostly because of the food, but the figures are nice too.

[via AmiAmi]


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