Tamashii Nations 2012: Charizard D-Arts

I’m kind of amazed I managed to write this over the sound of Stephen screaming. Because let me tell you, he REALLY likes Charizard. I think he’d leave me for one if they were real. And now, thanks to Bandai, they kind of are! To go along with the just-announced Mewtwo (who there’s a shot of in the gallery) we’ve got a D-Art Charizard. Aww yeah. I hope this line goes on forever and we get all the Pokemon. ALL OF THEM.

[UPDATE] As mentioned by our commenter azrael439, you can see a tiny peek of Blastoise in the image which means he should be up next! Venusaur can’t be far behind.

[UPDATE 2] Both Blastoise and Venusaur have been confirmed! They were marked as Do Not Photograph but both are fully sculpted & painted. Let’s hope release isn’t too far off.

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter]


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