Tamashii Nations 2012: Figuarts ZERO

To wrap up our Tamashii Nations coverage, we’ve got the scaled side of things! Bandai really focuses more on action figures, but they do put out a few cheaper, smaller-scale pre-painted figures in their Figuarts ZERO line. We’ve got all the teased Magi – Labyrinth of Magi Figuarts (and more!): Aladdin, Sinbad, Alibaba Saluja, Judai, and Morgiana. There’s also a Half-Age Character line in the shot you can see!

There’s a few other assorted figures, many of which we saw at Dengeki’s 20th like the Senran Kagura girls. However, we have a new addition too: the lovely Yumi from Shinovi Versus! Last, we’ve got a red recolor of their adorable Ranka Lee to go with that blue Sheryl.

[via Charanet’s Facebook]


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