Tamashii Nations 2012: Sailor Moon Figures!

People have been begging for Sailor Moon figures for a very long time, but the creator had a tight hold on the license. However, a new anime was announced recently, and it’s the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Apparently the licensers are feeling generous finally, because Bandai has snagged the license! With this and Pokemon announced in the last 2 days, they sure are hopping on the nostalgia train.

We’re getting a S.H.Figuart AND a Chibi-Art of Sailor Moon herself, and as you can see in the background the rest of the Sailor Scouts have been announced as well! I assume that we’ll get Figuarts and Chibi-Arts of all of the main 5 at least: maybe Tuxedo Mask and some of the Outer Senshi as well? Either way, I am so thrilled with this announcement!

[UPDATE] Updated with a better shot from AmiAmi!

[UPDATE 2] We now have some very nice up-close shots courtesy of Dengeki.

[via t_features]


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