Tamashii Nations 2012: Smile Precure!

So Tamashii Nations isn’t actually happening for another day, but we’re getting news early. Apparently everything is all set up and Bandai is taking news leaks into their own hands: first we saw Sailor Moon, and now we’re getting some new Smile Precure! figures. Okay, not as exciting as Sailor Moon, but still adorable.

It seems we’ll be getting some scaled figures (probably Figuarts ZERO) of Cure Peace and Kise Yayoi. We’ve gotten lots of action figures from this franchise but not many pre-painted, so it’s a nice change of pace for Bandai.

[UPDATE] Dengeki brought us a nice up-close shot of the static figure, along with news of both a S.H.Figuarts AND a Chibi-Arts of Cure Peace!

[via t_features]


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