Tekken Bishoujo Alisa is Finally Finished

The Bishoujo line usually moves pretty fast, but Alisa Bosconovitch was a rare exception. She was in art-form back when Christie went up for order, an alternate colorway was announced at NYCC, we finally got to see the sculpt in November, and she was shown off with unfinished paint at the beginning of this month. That’s a lot of teasing for one figure, but I think Alisa is definitely worth all the hype! She’s finally complete and I am just blown away: the Bishoujo line is nice for sure, but Alisa just comes out miles ahead of them all. The pose, the amazing colors, the ridiculous amount of detail in her outfit–this might be the best Bishoujo ever!

The face is also very close to Shunya Yamashita’s art, and while it’s the only part of this figure that I am not 100% sold on yet the faces always look better in person to me so I am sure I’ll love it once I finally get her. She’ll be available May in the US, which means April in Japan. Of course her prices are also better in the US because of the abysmal exchange rate!

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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