Tekken Bishoujo Nina Williams, Now With 360 Preview


It was literally only yesterday that we got the preview images of Bishoujo Nina Williams, but since they were from comic shops and not Kotobukiya themselves it was only the front and back angles. Unsurprisingly we are getting the 360 shots today, and it only solidifies how terribly mixed my feelings about her are.

I love the outfit, the colors, and the face. It’s so close to the art! But the pose. The damn pose. The close-up back shot makes it clear that human bodies just don’t do that. She’s an Escher Girl. Sigh. In the gallery we’ve included Shunya’s original art of Nina, where she’s a badass holding a gun. Not cheesecake-y enough for Mr. Yamashita, I guess. However, I still like everything else about Nina enough to own her… I am just 100% done with Shunya’s boobs-and-butt pose fetish.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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