Tekken Bishoujo Xiaoyu and… Bishonen Hwoarang?!

Well, there sure are a lot of Tekken Bish announcements recently! Next up is Lin Xiaoyu in an outfit that is both very traditional and a bit risque! Her face looks adorable, and I love the little pom-poms on her shoes. But the big news is the announcement of Hwoarang (image in the gallery), who is not exactly a Bishoujo. That’s right, he is the very-first in the long-awaited Bishonen line! Shunya Yamashita drawing pretty boys! I bet some fangirls are freaking out right now.

I wonder if this means we will see Bishonen in some of the other lines, or just for Tekken? Maybe a Bish Batman?! Let us know what sexy guys you’d like to see Shunya work on in the comments!

[via 4Gamer–thanks to Stuart Campbell for the heads up!]


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