The 43rd Prize Fair


How many prize fairs are there even in a year? 4? 6? One every damn month? Sometimes it seems like that. I keep trying to swear off prize figures: they’re great quality for the price, but I already have so many expensive scaled figures and I am quickly running out of storage room. Or rather, I ran out a long time ago and just come up with more and more creative solutions. Yet somehow I keep coming back to prize figures. I can’t resist them!

This batch seems particularly good. We have more of the Madoka x Bakemonogatari line, new Kantai Collection girls, more Evangelion (of course), a strange lack of Miku Hatsune, and more. Check them all out in the gallery!

[UPDATE] Added Eikoh’s Puzzle & Dragons girls!

[via Hobbylog & Dengeki]


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