The 43rd Prize Fair: Neko Atsume


So we’ve already seen the goodies from the 43rd Prize Fair. Or have we?? Because we all know what’s really important, and it’s not figures. It’s cats. Cats are what is important. Especially those little digital cats on your phone. Because let’s be real here, I’m sure at least 50% of our readers are totally addicted to Neko Atsume, aka the world’s greatest game.

We’ve seen lots of merchandise from it, but it seems like there is more and more coming down the pipe. Like, constant new cat plushes. This time we’ve got plushes of all size: a giant Cream-san, face cushions both large and small, and the rolly polly fat ones in the header. So cute, so precious. Gotta have ’em.

[via Dengeki]


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